Four Corners Monument

Four Corners Monument

The weather out west has been amazingly warm (sorry, east coasters!), and gas prices are down, so Kim and I hit the road again for the long weekend. Other than seeing the Four Corners Monument in Utah / Arizona / New Mexico / Colorado (and Navajo land), we didn’t have exact plans. We thought about Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico, but it’s far from accommodations and despite the warm, sunny days, it’s still pretty chilly at night. That ruled out camping. The weather made it great for road tripping, but it did raise some questions as to what to bring for hiking – cold weather gear or warm weather gear? Good thing we brought a little of both…

Technically, this would be Day 1.5 because we got a head start after work and drove down to Moab, UT. Lunch at the Moab Brewery, then off to the monument.

The Four Corners Monument isn’t the most exciting destination, but it’s one of those things you read about in school as a kid, so it was neat to actually see in real life. If you’re considering making a trip to it, a few things are worth noting. First, it closes. I’m not sure if closing times are seasonal, but if I remember correctly 5pm was the posted closing time. Second, it’s pretty remote. Keep your gas tank topped off and keep snacks on board for the kiddos or those prone to the hangry. (That’s good advice anywhere, but especially in the west.) Third, there’s an entrance fee, $5 per person if I remember correctly. Fourth, it’s on Navajo lands. Respect.

We took the requisite “standing in four states at the same time.” We perused the hand-crafted Navajo trinkets and made a couple of purchases, then we made our exit.







After leaving Four Corners, we noticed an odd formation off in the distance. It seemed like an alien space ship sitting patiently, waiting to blast off to its homeworld. I guess we see what we want to see in such things. I’m a sci-fi geek, so I see a space ship. Others might see a bird, or a different kind of ship – one that floats rather than flies. Regardless of what you see or what you call it, we decided that it would be our next destination, and it’s the topic of my next post.